FON’s first anniversary

Fon are giving away 10,000 of the little wireless routers that I recently acquired. Go for it, guys!

FON’s first anniversary


Skype 2.5 for Mac

I first got into Skype properly when working at Banjax, where the CEO was a big fan and encouraged its use. If anything, my current office is even more dependent on the little program from Estonia. So I have been impatiently waiting for the release of Skype 2.5 for Mac, in order to get some of the features currently only available in the Windows client.

Unfortunately, it crashed on me several times in succession on trying to start. I was just about to resort to downgrading when I tried killing the chat window as soon as it appeared, which seemed to do the trick. Not sure why restoring a chat window caused it to barf, but it seems reasonably stable now.

But annoyingly, the feature that I was really looking forward to – contact groups – is still missing. Instead I am treated to a work colleague’s birthday reminder. Come on guys, how hard can it be?

Of course, I should be thankful. Linux users are still stuck on version 1.3.