Windows Script Host error 800c0019 (VBScript)

Came across this gem today on a machine that had recently been upgraded to Server 2008:

Error: System error: -2146697191
Code: 800C0019
Source: msxml3.dll

Turns out that a custom VBScript was sending a form to one of our secure web servers and the certificate chain couldn’t be verified up to the root (even though we bought it from a reputable source). Adding the offending root certificate to the trusted root certificate authorities database fixed the problem.

This does not seem to be documented anywhere on the internet yet, so here it is.

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3 Comments on “Windows Script Host error 800c0019 (VBScript)”

  1. Mohan Says:

    same problem —
    installed the certificate, but not seems working … same error!!
    cert is not from certified vendor, but it is expired. is that a problem, do you have any idea?

  2. Haluk Says:

    In your article, you’ve said “Adding the offending root certificate to the trusted root certificate authorities database fixed the problem. ”

    But you did not give any clue as to how you do that. I’m a seasoned programmer but have no idea about what needs to be done. This error started happening two things.

    1- We switched to windows server 2008 IIS 7
    2- We switched from verisign to starfield as our secure server certificate – which I doubt have to do with the problem.

  3. I think this problem predated our upgrade to server 2008, so number 2 sounds like the more likely problem. We’re using DigiCert for ours, and have often had odd problems getting clients to trust our cert (don’t get me started on the self-signed cert we use for our internal servers).

    TBH, it’s been so long since I did this I can’t remember exactly how it was done, but there seem to be plenty of guides on Google.

    And to reply to the earlier comment, no it is probably not a good idea to use an expired cert.

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