BarCampGalway was great. An interesting and eclectic collection of talks and a serious dose of geek craic in the Westwood afterwards. Talks I attended at least some of included:

  • Moving between Windows and Ubuntu by James Cooley
  • Django for WebApp development by Kevin Noonan
  • Machine Learning by Aidan Finn
  • Microsoft Silverlight by Martha Rotter (cross-platform? Really?)
  • Gamepad driven text editing by John Sturdy (so what’s Emacs?)
  • Perl lightning talks by Tim Bunce (apologies for typing furiously during it, but I was listening)
  • Drupal by Vincent Jordon
  • Demystifying Internet Marketing by Alastair McDermott

All good clean fun. Thanks to John, Aidan and Conor for organising.

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