Back to normal (ish)

I finally got my personal blog back to normal following my LVS account deletion. It was a long process, and proved the wisdom of always keeping a system image as a backup, and not just the files that you think have been modified.

I had forgotten that the wordpress software stores uploaded files under /usr/share/wordpress/, which is completely boneheaded. They should really be under /var, where all well-behaved programs keep their databases. Luckily enough, I had kept copies of all my uploaded pictures. Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to create thumbnails without uploading them all through the web interface one at a time. But most annoyingly, I had performed some surgery on the theme that I was using for, and all that work has been lost.

I was also reminded, as I was changing the records of all the domains that I manage, of the clunkiness of most DNS registrar web interfaces. What I wanted to do was change every domain I own to use my new virtual server as a nameserver. Every single record had to be changed by hand, using about four or five clicks each. There must be a better way.

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